Management of TB in children and adolescents – programmatic considerations


This e-learning course is a comprehensive, self-paced, online course that builds on the content of the WHO operational handbook on tuberculosis. Module 5: Management of tuberculosis in children and adolescents (2022). 

The focus of the e-course is programmatic; clinical aspects are only discussed when relevant to specific topics.

The e-course comprises an introduction to the course, 8 modules and a final assessment and uses a combination of short video lectures, exercises, case studies, quiz questions and additional self-study materials.

Course Index:

  1. Introduction to the e-learning course
  2. Background and rationale
  3. TB screening, contact investigation, and TB prevention
  4. Diagnostic approaches
  5. Treatment of drug-susceptible TB
  6. Drug-resistant TB and post-TB health
  7. Models of TB care
  8. Management of TB in special situations
  9. Monitoring and evaluation, and TB surveillance updates
  10. Final assessment