TB preventive treatment

TB preventive treatment

This e-learning course focuses on key implementation considerations and steps in the programmatic implementation and scale-up of TB preventive treatment and monitoring and evaluation indicators for the programmatic management of TB preventive treatment.
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One in four people have TB infection but TB preventive treatment can stop the infection from developing into disease. This course will update your knowledge on the latest WHO guidelines and operational handbook on TB preventive treatment. You will learn about key elements and components for implementation and scale-up of access to TB preventive treatment, and about at-risk individuals and recommended TB preventive treatment regimens.

The e-course is intended for people who provide guidance on implementing WHO recommendations on TB at country level; for example national programme managers, technical staff at Ministries of Health, WHO staff, staff of technical agencies, consultants, and anyone else serving a similar role in countries and major subnational units.

It is assumed that you have experience working in TB and are familiar with WHO TB guidelines.

This e-learning course is a comprehensive, self-paced, online course that follows the content of the WHO operational handbook on tuberculosis: Module 1: Tuberculosis preventive treatmentThe main focus of the e-course is programmatic; clinical aspects are only discussed when relevant to specific topics.

The e-course comprises 9 sections and a final assessment and uses a combination of short video lectures, exercises, quiz questions and additional reading materials.

Course Index:

  1. Introduction to the e-learning course
  2. Rationale for prioritizing programmatic management of TB preventive treatment
  3. Preparing for national scale-up of access to TB preventive treatment
  4. Who should be offered TB preventive treatment?
  5. Evaluating at-risk individuals – ruling out TB and considering TB preventive treatment
  6. TB preventive treatment regimens, safety profile, interactions
  7. TB preventive treatment model of care: initiation, monitoring, adherence support and completion
  8. Monitoring and evaluation
  9. Implementation and costing considerations
  10. Final assessment
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4 to 5 hours
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