Systematic screening for tuberculosis disease

Systematic screening for tuberculosis disease

This e-course focuses on the implementation and scale-up of systematic screening to help reach all people with TB
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TB remains one of the world’s top infectious killers, claiming close to 4000 lives a day, and 1.4 million lives annually. Screening can help reach all people with TB prevention and care. Screening is critical in early TB detection in the people who need it, while also identifying people who could benefit from TB preventive treatment.

In this e-course you will learn about the rationale of systematic screening for TB disease, new approaches, tools, and algorithms. You will also learn more about the WHO recommended risk groups for screening and how to prioritize other risk groups. An important feature of this e-course is the interactive case-study that will give you the opportunity to put your new knowledge and skills into practice.

This e-learning course is a self-paced, online course that follows the content of the WHO operational handbook on tuberculosis. Module 2: Systematic screening for tuberculosis disease (2021). The focus of this e-course is programmatic; clinical aspects are only discussed when relevant to specific topics. 

The e-course comprises eight sections and a final assessment and uses a combination of short video lectures, case studies, quiz questions and additional self-study materials

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