7.1 Laboratory gowns

Laboratory gowns should have long sleeves and open in the back. When the laboratory technician is standing, the gown must extend below the height of the workbench; the gown should fully cover the technician’s lap when he or she is sitting. Reusable gowns should be autoclaved before being washed. Gowns must not be taken home for washing; laundering services should be provided at or near the facility. Laboratory gowns should be changed at least once a week and immediately after being overtly contaminated.

Laboratory gowns should not be worn outside the laboratory. A changing area should be available where gowns can be stored. All laboratory staff, as well as all others entering the laboratory, must wear a gown. Protective laboratory clothing should not be stored in the same lockers or cupboards as street clothing. Extra gowns should be available in case of contamination.

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