6.3.2 Children

WHO recommendations on longer MDR/RR-TB regimens apply to children as well as adults. Currently, there is no age restriction on the use of bedaquiline, so children of all ages should receive it in longer regimens unless there is a specific contraindication. Most medicines in longer regimens have been part of MDR/RR-TB regimens for many years, in similar combinations, for both adults and children. Second-line TB medicines are also available in child-friendly formulations. The dosage for children is available in the Annex, including regular and dispersible medication. The duration of treatment using longer regimens in children depends on the site and severity of disease, and the extent of resistance. Children with nonsevere disease can usually be treated for much less than 18 months. Children with extensive disease may require longer treatment durations, depending on clinical progress or site of the disease.

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