1.2 About this guide

This guide was developed to provide practical guidance for the implementation of WHO policies on recommended TB diagnostic tests and algorithms. The guide:

  • describes the WHO-recommended tests for detecting TB and DR-TB and the most recent WHO policy guidance for their use, and the processes and steps needed for implementing a diagnostic test for routine use within the TB diagnostic network (Section 2);
  • describes the steps that need to be taken to implement a new diagnostic tool (Section 3); and
  • outlines TB diagnostic model algorithms that incorporate the most recent WHO recommendations for detecting and treating TB and DR-TB (9), and considerations for the implementation of a new algorithm (Section 4).

This guide is not intended to be a comprehensive manual, nor does it repeat information provided by other guidance documents such as those listed in Section 5 (Suggested reading); rather, the guide provides references and links to original resources.

The most up-to-date WHO policy guidance on TB diagnostics and laboratory strengthening can be found on the WHO/GTB website.² Guidance on the implementation of diagnostic testing is also available on the website of the Global Laboratory Initiative (GLI) of the Stop TB Partnership.³

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