Treatment support

Implementation of the recommendations related to treatment support should enable the provision of people-centred TB services. Treatment adherence interventions that may be offered for people on TB treatment may include material support (e.g. food, financial incentives, transport fees), psychological support, tracers such as home visits or digital health communication (e.g. SMS, telephone) and medicine monitoring (107). Interventions should be selected based on assessment of the individual’s needs and preferences as well as available resources. It is important to involve local schools, including educating teachers and other staff about TB, and providing accurate information about infectiousness, the needs of children and adolescents with TB or TB/HIV coinfection, the necessity for frequent visits to clinics, and the importance of taking medicines regularly. This may help to reduce stigma in schools and minimize time out of education. Faith-based organizations and other community groups can also be involved in supporting children and adolescents with TB and their families.


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