4.1 Eligibility

Adults and children aged 12 years or older with a body weight of more than 40 kg and affected by pulmonary DS-TB are eligible for this regimen, including those who are also HIV-positive with a CD4 count of more than 100 cells/mm³ and patients with diabetes. The following exceptions, detailed in Section 4.4.2, should be highlighted:

  • patients weighing less than 40 kg;
  • patients with severe extrapulmonary TB (e.g. tuberculous meningitis, disseminated TB, osteoarticular TB or abdominal TB);
  • People with HIV with a CD4 count of less than 100 cells/mm³;
  • children and adolescents aged under 12 years; and
  • pregnant, breastfeeding and postpartum women.

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