The production of the WHO consolidated guidelines on tuberculosis: tuberculosis preventive treatment was coordinated and written by Dennis Falzon, Avinash Kanchar and Matteo Zignol under the overall direction of Tereza Kasaeva, Director of the WHO Global TB Programme. The WHO Global TB Programme gratefully acknowledges the contribution of all experts involved in the production of these guidelines.¹

Guideline Development Group

The Guideline Development Group (GDG) was composed of Mohammed Al Lawati (Consultant Physician, Oman); Helen Ayles (Infectious Diseases and International Health, LSHTM, Lusaka, Zambia); Rolando Cedillos (Service of Infectious Diseases and Integrated Programme for STI/HIV/AIDS, El Salvador); Padmapriyadarsini Chandrasekaran (National Institute for Research in Tuberculosis, India); Diana Gibb (Medical Research Council, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK)); Yohhei Hamada (Research Institute of Tuberculosis (RIT), Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association (JATA), Japan); Anthony D Harries (International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, Paris, France; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, UK); Alexander Kay (Baylor College of Medicine, Global TB Program, Eswatini); Nasehi Mahshid (Department of TB and Leprosy Control, Centre for Control of Communicable Diseases, Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Iran); Alberto Matteelli (University of Brescia, WHO Collaborating Centre for TB/HIV and TB Elimination, Italy); Lindiwe Mvusi (National Department of Health, South Africa); Kuldeep Singh Sachdeva (National Tuberculosis Elimination Programme, India); Nandi Siegfried (Medical Research Council / University of Cape Town, South Africa); Ezio Távora dos Santos Filho (Civil Society Task Force, Brazil); Marieke van der Werf (European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Sweden); Wim Vandevelde (Global TB Community Advisory Board, South Africa); and Irina Vasilyeva (Ministry of Health, Russian Federation). The co-chairs of the GDG were Lindiwe Mvusi and Nandi Siegfried. Dr Siegfried was also the GRADE methodologist

External Reviewers

The External Review Group (ERG) was composed of Connie Erkens (KNCV TB Foundation, Netherlands); Steve Graham (Center for International Child Health University of Melbourne, Australia); Giovanni B. Migliori (Istituti Clinici Scientifici Maugeri, IRCCS and WHO Collaborating Centre for TB and Lung Diseases, Italy); Rohit Sarin (National Institute of TB and Respiratory Diseases, India); James Seddon (Imperial College, UK); Alena Skrahina (Republican Scientific and Practical Centre for Pulmonology and TB, Belarus); and Carrie Tudor (International Council of Nurses, South Africa). Edits to the draft guidelines were also provided by people who responded to the call for public review on 1 July 2019.

Evidence reviewers

The following persons contributed to the reviews and summarization of evidence for the guidelines:

Mayara Bastos, Jonathon Campbell and Richard (Dick) Menzies (McGill University, Canada) provided the first draft of estimates and footnotes for the GRADE summary of evidence table from the trials of four months of daily rifampicin (PICO 6).

Richard Chaisson and Ritesh Ramchandani (Johns Hopkins University, USA) and Susan Swindells (University of Nebraska Medical Center, USA) provided the first draft of estimates and footnotes for the GRADE summary of evidence table from the BRIEF-TB/A5279 trial of one month of daily rifapentine and isoniazid (PICO 7).

Yohhei Hamada (RIT/JATA, Japan) researched and wrote the report on the systematic review and meta-analysis of the safety of isoniazid preventive treatment in pregnancy (PICO 9), with support from Carmen Figueroa (WHO Global TB Programme), and Mario Sánchez (WHO Management of Noncommunicable Diseases, Disability, Violence & Injury Prevention). Lynne M. Mofenson (Consultant, WHO HIV Department) contributed with a qualitative review of the safety of isoniazid in pregnancy. Amita Gupta and Nicole Salazar-Austin (Johns Hopkins University, USA) provided unpublished information from their studies to complete the evidence review.

WHO Guideline Steering Group

The WHO Guideline Steering Group was composed of Annabel Baddeley, Annemieke Brands, Dennis Falzon, Carmen Figueroa, Medea Gegia, Christopher Gilpin, Philippe Glaziou, Avinash Kanchar and Matteo Zignol from the WHO Global TB Programme; Françoise Renaud and Satvinder Singh from the WHO Department of HIV/AIDS; Andreas Reis from the Department of Information, Evidence and Research; and Lorenzo Moja from the Department of Essential Medicines and Health Products. Wilson Were from the WHO Department of Maternal, Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health also reviewed the guidelines.


The following persons participated as observers at the GDG meetings: Sevim Ahmedov (US Agency for International Development (USAID), USA); Draurio Barreira Cravo Neto (UNITAID, Switzerland); Anand Date (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA); Lucia Gonzalez Fernandez (International AIDS Society, Switzerland); Harry Hausler (TBHIV Care, South Africa); Cecily Miller (University of California San Francisco, USA); Surbhi Modi (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, USA); Suvanand Sahu (Stop TB Partnership, Switzerland); Anna Scardigli (Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, Switzerland).

WHO acknowledges the contribution of the Guideline Review Committee and its WHO secretariat in reviewing and approving the guidelines ahead of their publication.!

Funding for the guidelines update in 2019–2020 derived from WHO grants provided by USAID and the Russian Federation.

¹ More information on the areas of expertise, gender and geographical distribution, declarations of interests and the management of potential conflict for members of the GDG and ERG are summarised in Annex 1(online).

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