4.5. Guideline preparation, peer-review and content presentation

Following the in-person meeting, the responsible technical officer from the WHO Steering Group prepared a draft of the full guideline document, to accurately reflect the deliberations and decisions made by members of the Guideline Development Group. The document was revised based on the feedback received from this group and was later sent to members of the External Review Group for peer-review. The WHO Guideline Steering Group assessed the input provided by peer-reviewers, and then finalized the guideline document, incorporating further revisions and suggestions made by the Guideline Development Group and the WHO Guideline Review Committee.

The final guidelines presented here include a summary of the discussions about the balance of evidence on effects (benefits and harms) of the interventions across different contexts; the document also presents specific considerations for implementation. To improve IPC implementation and support countries in their effort to build reliable, resilient, effective IPC programmes, the WHO Guideline Steering Group decided to link the guidelines on core components of IPC programmes at the national and acute health care facility level (13) into this document. The text of that chapter was edited and agreed to by the Guideline Development Group.

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