6.2 Centrifuges with safety buckets

During the centrifugation process, aerosols may be produced. Consequently, safety measures must be strictly followed when operating the centrifuge.

During centrifuge operation, the lid must be fully sealed. The use of a wide nonporous seal will ensure that the lid is closed tightly. The lid must not be opened until the rotor has stopped completely. Appropriate rotors have safety caps for each slot. The caps for individual buckets and tubes must be closed properly before the centrifuge is operated. To contain aerosols, individual sealed centrifuge buckets should be loaded and unloaded in a BSC. For processing TB cultures, refrigerated centrifuges with swinging buckets are recommended.

When using a micro-centrifuge for DNA extraction, a safety rotor is needed with a sealed lid; the micro-centrifuge should be loaded and unloaded inside a BSC.

Centrifuges must be inspected periodically for wear and tear; and maintenance must follow the manufacturer’s specifications.

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