9.2 National MDR-TB expert committee or technical working group

A national MDR-TB expert committee or technical working group (the consilium or its equivalent structure within the NTP) will assist health care providers as early as possible to:

  • coordinate policy changes and activities related to the introduction of the revised MDR-TB regimens in both the public and private sectors (e.g. training, communication and establishing patient eligibility for the different MDR-TB regimens);
  • train staff in the clinical aspects of aDSM;
  • provide patient support; and
  • provide technical and clinical advice.

Additional support may be provided by other experts at national and international levels, and at regional level through, for example, the regional Green Light Committee (rGLC). In making use of such support, it is important to consider any phased implementation process, such as the initial introduction in one or a few centres before full scale-up, or whether implementation is also occurring in the private sector.

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