4.2.2. Subgroup considerations

For HIV-infected children under the age of 10 years, the pooled sensitivity of the algorithms reviewed ranged from 24% (Marais et al. criteria) to 92% (Uganda NTLP algorithm), and the pooled specificity from 15% (Uganda NTLP algorithm) to 87% (Stegen-Toledo score, cut-off 5).

For children with SAM the pooled sensitivity varied between 33% (Marais et al. criteria) and 93% (Uganda NTLP algorithm and Keith Edward score), while the pooled specificity varied between 10% (Keith Edward score) and 88% (Stegen-Toledo score, cut-off 5).

For infants aged below 1 year the pooled sensitivity ranged from 17% (Marais et al. criteria) to 93% Gunasekera et al. algorithm) and the pooled specificity from 13% (Gunasekera et al. algorithm) to 86% (Stegen-Toledo score, cut-off 5).

The GDG members highlighted the need for the development of specific evidence-based treatment decision algorithms for specific subgroups at high risk of rapid progression of TB disease, including children living with HIV, children with SAM and infants, if possible.

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