3.3.8. Adherence to TB preventive treatment

Adherence to any course of treatment is a complex behaviour influenced by many factors, such as personal motivation, beliefs about health, perceived risks and benefits of treatment, comorbidities, competing demands that conflict with taking medicines, the family environment, complexity of the treatment regimen, toxicity of medicines, and trust and relationship with providers. Effective person-centred strategies to promote adherence to TPT may include the following (15):

  • Ensure confidentiality when seeking a person’s commitment to complete the TPT course before initiating TPT.
  • Ensure the person understands the role of TPT options and the duration required for completion. Provide information materials in the primary language and at the literacy level of the person or family concerned.
  • Include family members and caregivers in health education when possible. Children often move between households and health facilities, and it may be helpful to include additional facility members and caregivers in health education activities.
  • Reinforce supportive educational messages at each visit.
  • Give clear information regarding side-effects and triggers on when to stop treatment and contact the HCW or provider, including the use of digital tools for support.
  • Invite the person to ask questions, and provide clear and simple answers. Provide a telephone number to contact health services for advice.
  • Develop a personal adherence plan with the support of the family, caregivers and health worker as per the treatment regimen.

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