4.3. Counselling to provide information about TB and the responsibilities of affected individuals and communities

This section focuses on what information about TB needs to be provided to patients and how that information should be provided.

The sharing of information with patients and their families should begin as soon as the diagnosis of TB is made. If the patient is being treated for DR-TB, another good time to have an educational meeting is when finishing the intensive phase of treatment. Educational talks should continue over several visits throughout the treatment course. Education can be provided by physicians, nurses, community health workers and other health-care providers.

It can be difficult to provide patients with the information they need. A lot of new information, much of which may be technical, has to be given to someone who may not understand medical language well. The patient may not feel well and may also be emotionally distressed because of the diagnosis. The patient may also have health beliefs that contain incorrect information about TB.

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