Participants in the guideline development process

The following contributed to the writing of this manual:

Christopher Gilpin (Lead), Jean Iragena, Fuad Mirzayev, Wayne van Gemert, Karin Weyer

The following participated in the joint CDC–WHO International Technical Consultation on Laboratory Biosafety, 2–4 September 2008, Atlanta, GA, USA:

May Chu, Daniela Cirillo, Philippe Dubois, Christopher Gilpin, Paul Jensen, Shanna Nesby, Nicoletta Previsani, John Ridderhof, Thomas M Shinnick, Veronique Vincent, Karin Weyer.

The following were members of the Expert Group convened at WHO’s Headquarters, 8–9 April 2009, Geneva, Switzerland:

Jenny Allen, May Chu, Daniela Cirillo, Sébastien Cognat, Philippe Dubois, Knut Feldmann, Christopher Gilpin, Jean Iragena, Paul Jensen, Moses Joloba, Jean Joly, Sang Jae Kim, Scott Kreitlein, Shanna Nesby, CN Paramasivan, Nicoletta Previsani, John Ridderhof, Thomas M Shinnick, Andrew Ramsay, Peter van’t Erve, Veronique Vincent, Karin Weyer.

The following were part of the technical review panel convened at WHO’s Headquarters, 22–23 August 2011, Geneva, Switzerland:

Heather Alexander, Pawan Angra, Daniela Cirillo, Gerrit Coetzee, Edward Desmond, Maria Alice da Silva Telles, Sara Irène Eyangoh, Knut Feldmann, Christopher Gilpin, Rumina Hasan, Jean Iragena, Moses Joloba, Fuad Mirzayev, Satoshi Mitarai, Richard O’Brien, Daniel Orozco, CN Paramasivan, Nicoletta Previsani, Leen Rigouts, Thomas M Shinnick, Akos Somoskovi, Magdi Samaan, Wayne van Gemert, Elsie Van Schalkwyk.

The writers also wish to acknowledge the original contributions of the many professionals who worked on WHO’s Laboratory biosafety manual, 3rd edition, from which portions of this document have been adapted.

Development and publication of this document have been made possible with financial support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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