Annex 1. Experts involved in the development of the guidelines

Annex 1.1. Experts participating in the guideline update, 2017

Guideline Development Group (GDG) members

Si Thu Aung, Deputy Director (TB) and National TB Programme Manager, Ministry of Health, Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar (Unable to attend the meeting)

Frank Bonsu, National TB Programme Manager, Ministry of Health, Accra, Ghana

Jeremiah Muhwa Chakaya, Clinician, National TB Programme Manager, Nairobi, Kenya

Lucy Chesire, Nairobi, Kenya

Daniela Cirillo, Head of Emerging Bacterial Pathogens Unit, WHO Collaborating Centre and TB Supranational Reference Laboratory, San Raffaele Scientific Institute, Milan, Italy

Poonam Dhavan, Migration Health Programme Coordinator, International Organization for Migration, Geneva, Switzerland (Unable to attend the meeting)

Kelly Dooley, Associate Professor of Medicine, Pharmacology & Molecular Sciences, Divisions of Clinical Pharmacology & Infectious Diseases, Center for Tuberculosis Research, Faculty Leader, Janeway Firm of the Osler Residency Program, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, United States of America

Kathy Fiekert, Senior TB Consultant, Royal Dutch Tuberculosis Foundation (KNCV), The Hague, Netherlands

Paula Fujiwara, Scientific Director, International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, Paris, France

Mike Frick, TB/HIV Project, Treatment Action Group, New York, NY, United States of America

Andrei Mariandyshev, Head of Phthisiopulmonary Department, Arkhangelsk, Russian Federation

Nguyen Viet Nhung, Director of National Lung Hospital, Manager of National TB Programme, Hanoi, Viet Nam

Ejaz Qadeer, Ministry of Health, Islamabad, Pakistan

Abdul Hamid Salim, Advisor to National TB Programme Bangladesh on Global Fund and MDR-TB, Mohakhali, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Simon Schaaf, Paediatrician, Paediatrics and Child Health, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

Holger Schünemann (Chair), Methodologist, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

Pedro Guillermo Suarez, Management Sciences for Health, Arlington, VA, United States of America (Unable to attend the meeting)

Carrie Tudor, TB Project Director, International Council of Nurses, Durban, South Africa

Justin Wong Yun Yaw, Head, Disease Control Division, Ministry of Health, Jalan Menteri Besar, Brunei.

Evidence reviewers

Narges Alipanah, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, San Jose, CA, United States of America

Lelia Chaisson, Department of Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD, United States of America

Jennifer Ho, Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, University of Sydney, Australia

James Johnston, TB Services, British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, Vancouver, Canada

Dick Menzies, RECRU/Montreal Chest Institute, Montreal, Canada

Payam Nahid, Professor, University of California, San Francisco, CA, United States of America.


Amy Bloom, US Agency for International Development (USAID), Washington, DC, United States of America

Janet Ginnard, UNITAID, Geneva, Switzerland.

WHO/HQ Secretariat

Global TB Programme: Annabel Baddeley, Dennis Falzon, Giuliano Gargioni, Nebiat Gebresselassie, Haileyesus Getahun, Licé Gonzalez-Angulo, Malgorzata Grzemska, Elizabeth Harausz, Ernesto Jaramillo, Avinash Kanchar, Soleil Labelle, Christian Lienhardt, Knut Lönnroth, Fuad Mirzayev, Linh Nguyen, Marco Vitoria, Diana Weil, Karin Weyer, Matteo Zignol.

Members of the External Review Group

Mohammed Aziz, WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean 
Masoud Dara, WHO Regional Office for Europe 
Riitta Dlodlo, International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, France (technical agency/ programme implementation)
Celine Garfin, Ministry of Health, Philippines (national programme/end-user)
Mirtha del Granado, WHO Regional Office for the Americas 
Daniel Kibuga, WHO Regional Office for Africa 
Md Khurshid Alam Hyder, WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia 
Vaira Leimane, Riga East University Hospital, Centre of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, Latvia (clinician/end-user)
Nobuyuki Nishikiori, WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific 
Lee Reichman Rutgers, New Jersey Medical School, Newark, NJ, United States of America (clinician/end-user)
Rohit Sarin, National Institute of TB & Respiratory Diseases, Ministry of Health, India (national programme/end-user)
Dalene von Delft, TB Proof, South Africa (patient representative)
Fraser Wares, Royal Dutch Tuberculosis Foundation (KNCV), The Hague, Netherlands (technical agency/programme implementation).

Annex 1.2. Experts participating in the development of the guidelines on management of tuberculosis in children and adolescents, 2022

Guideline Development Group (GDG) members

Susan Abdel-Rahman (Children’s Mercy Research Institute, United States of America)
Deepak Agrawal (Aarogyam Paediatrics Hospital, India)
Shakil Ahmed (Dhaka Medical College, Bangladesh)
Elie Akl (American University of Beirut and Center for Systematic Reviews of Health Policy and Systems Research, Lebanon)
Valentina Aksenova (Research Institute of Phthisiopulmonology of the First M.I. Sechenov Moscow State Medical University, Russian Federation)
Farhana Amanullah (Indus Hospital, Pakistan) 
Grace Bolie (National TB Programme, Democratic Republic of the Congo)
Chishala Chabala (University Teaching Hospital, Zambia)
Gunta Dravniece (PATH, Ukraine)
Connie Erkens (KNCV Tuberculosis Foundation, Netherlands)
Betina Mendez Alcântara Gabardo (Clinical Hospital Federal University of Paraná, Brazil)
Stephen Graham (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Patrik Hummel (Friederich-Alexander University, Germany)
Amir M. Khan (Association for Social Development, Pakistan)
Margaret Nasil Kal (National TB Programme, Papua New Guinea)
Tamara Kredo (South African Cochrane Centre, South African Medical Research Council, South Africa)
Susan Maloney (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, United States of America)
Anna Mandalakas (Baylor College of Medicine, Texas Children’s Hospital, United States of America)
Sushant Mane (Grant Government Medical College and Sir J.J. Group of Hospitals, India)
Lindsay McKenna (Treatment Action Group, United States of America)
Imran Pambudi (National TB Programme, Indonesia)
Phan Huu Phuc (National Paediatric Hospital, Viet Nam)
Moorine Sekadde (National TB and Leprosy Programme, Uganda)
Kathryn Snow (University of Melbourne, Australia)
Sabira Tahseen (National TB Reference Laboratory, Pakistan)
Elie Akl, Farhana Amanullah, Stephen Graham and Tamara Kredo co-chaired the GDG meeting.

Technical resource persons and observers

Pete Dodd (Sheffield University, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), Anneke Hesseling (Stellenbosch University, South Africa), Oliver Marcy (University of Bordeaux, France), Nicole Salazar-Austin (Johns Hopkins University, United States of America) and James Seddon (Imperial College London, United Kingdom) served as technical resource persons during the GDG meeting.

The following persons participated as observers during the GDG meeting: Draurio Barreira Cravo Neto (Unitaid, Switzerland); Charlotte Colvin (USAID, United States of America); Anne Detjen (UNICEF, United States of America); Thomas Gradel (Unitaid, Switzerland); Brian Kaiser (Stop TB Partnership Global Drug Facility, Switzerland); Michael McCaul (Stellenbosch University, South Africa); Lawrence Mbuagbaw (St Joseph’s Healthcare, Canada); Celeste Naude (Stellenbosch University, South Africa); Oxana Rucsineanu (TB Community Advisory Board); Anna Scardigli (Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, Switzerland); Cherise Scott (Unitaid, Switzerland).

External Review Group

Martina Casenghi (Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, Switzerland)
Anthony Enimil (Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital, Ghana)
Malgorzata Grzemska (former WHO staff member, Poland)
Catherine Hewison (Médecins Sans Frontières, France)
Devan Jaganath (University of California San Francisco, United States of America)
Kobto Ghislain Koura (The International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease, France)
Celia Martínez de Cuellar (Hospital de Clínicas, Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Paraguay)
Ya Diul Mukadi (United States Agency for International Development [USAID], United States of America)
Rahab Mwaniki (Kenya Aids NGOs Consortium [KANCO], Kenya)
Marc Nicol (University of Western Australia, Australia)
Elizabeth Maleche Obimbo (University of Nairobi, Kenya)
Peter Owiti (Wote Youth Development Project, Kenya)
Nyan Win Phyo (Civil Society Taskforce; World Vision, Thailand)
Ramatoulaye Sall (Independent Consultant, Senegal)
Rina Triasih (Universitas Gadyah Mada, Indonesia)
Eric Wobudeya (Mulago National Referral Hospital, Uganda; Makerere University – Johns Hopkins University [MU-JHU] Research Collaboration, Uganda). 

Evidence reviewers

Yael Hirsch-Moverman (Columbia University, United States of America), Hamidah Hussain (Interactive Research and Development [IRD] Global, Singapore), Daria Szkwarko (Brown University, United States of America) and Courtney Yuen (Harvard Medical School, United States of America) conducted the evidence review for PICO Question 6: Models of care for TB case detection and TB prevention in high TB burden settings.

WHO Steering Group

The WHO guidelines Steering Group comprised: Annabel Baddeley, Lice Gonzalez Angulo, Ernesto Jaramillo, Avinash Kanchar, Charalambos Sismanidis (WHO Global Tuberculosis Programme); Martina Penazzato (WHO Global HIV, Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Infections Programme); Bernadette Cappello, Lorenzo Moja (WHO Department of Health Products, Policy and Standards); Marie Valentin (WHO Department of Regulation and Prequalification); Corinne Simone Collette Merle (WHO Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases); Valentina Baltag, Wilson Milton Were (WHO Department of Maternal, Newborn, Child & Adolescent Health & Ageing); Lina Mahy (WHO Department of Nutrition and Food Safety); Chiara Servili (WHO Department of Mental Health and Substance Use); Sarah Rylance (WHO Department of Noncommunicable Diseases Management); Ogtay Gozalov (WHO Regional Office for Europe); Mukta Sharma (WHO Regional Office for SouthEast Asia); Kyung Hyun Oh (WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific Region); Pedro Avedillo (Pan American Health Organization); Kenza Bennani, Martin van den Boom (WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean Region); André Ndongosieme (WHO Regional Office for Africa).

Annex 1.3. Experts participating in the development of the guidelines on DR-TB treatment, 2011

Guideline Development Group (GDG) members

Jaime Bayona, Socios En Salud Sucursal, Peru (programme management, public health)
José A. Caminero, University General Hospital of Gran Canaria, Spain and the UNION, Paris, France (clinical practice)
Charles L. Daley, National Jewish Health, United States of America (clinical practice)
Agnes Gebhard, Royal Dutch Tuberculosis Foundation (KNCV), Netherlands (programme management)
Myriam Henkens, Médecins Sans Frontières, France (programme management)
Timothy H. Holtz, HIV/STD Research Program, United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Asia Regional Office, Thailand (epidemiology, surveillance, programme evaluation)
Joël Keravec, Management Sciences for Health, Brazil (drug management)
Salmaan Keshavjee, Harvard Medical School, United States of America (programme management, 
public health)
Aamir J. Khan, Indus Hospital TB Program, Pakistan (epidemiology, programme management)
Vaira Leimane, State Infectology Center, Clinic of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases, Latvia (programme management, clinical practice)
Andrey Mariandyshev, Northern State Medical University, Archangelsk, Russian Federation 
(clinical practice)
Carole D. Mitnick, Harvard Medical School, United States of America (epidemiology, programme support)
Gloria Nwagboniwe, Alliance for Hope, Nigeria (civil society)
Domingo Palmero, Pulmonology Division, Hospital Muñiz, Argentina (clinical practice)
Ma. Imelda Quelapio, Tropical Disease Foundation, Philippines (programme management)
Michael L. Rich, Partners In Health, United States of America (clinical practice)
Sarah Royce, PATH, United States of America (surveillance, public health)
Sabine Rüsch-Gerdes, National Reference Centre for Mycobacteria, Germany (laboratory specialist)
Archil Salakaia, Management Sciences for Health, United States of America (programme management)
Rohit Sarin, LRS Institute of TB and Allied Diseases, India (clinical practice)
Holger Schünemann, McMaster University, Canada (Chairman of the Guideline 
Development Group; epidemiology, guideline methodology)
Elena Skachkova, Federal Centre of TB Monitoring, Russian Federation (surveillance)
Francis Varaine, Médecins Sans Frontières, France (clinical and programme management)

WHO headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland

Global TB Programme: Léopold Blanc, Dennis Falzona, Christopher Fitzpatrick, Katherine Floyd, Haileyesus Getahun, Malgorzata Grzemska, Christian Gunneberg, Ernesto Jaramillo, Christian Lienhardt, Fuad Mirzayev, Paul Nunn, Mario C. Raviglione, Delphine Sculiera, Fraser Wares, Karin Weyer, Matteo Zignol.

HIV Department: Chris Duncombe, Marco Antonio de Avila Vitoria.

External Review Group

Samiha Baghdadi, WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, Egypt
Mercedes Becerra, Harvard Medical School, United States of America (academia)
Vineet Bhatia, WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia, India
Masoud Dara, WHO Regional Office for Europe, Denmark
Mirtha del Granado, WHO Regional Office for the Americas, United States of America
Reuben Granich, WHO HIV Department, Switzerland
Lindiwe Mvusi, Department of Health, South Africa (programme management)
Nani Nair, WHO Regional Office for South-East Asia, India
Norbert Ndjeka, Department of Health, South Africa (programme management, clinical practice)
Wilfred A.C Nkhoma, WHO Regional Office for Africa, Zimbabwe
Katsunori Osuga, WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific, Philippines
Hendrik Simon Schaaf, Department of Paediatrics and Child Health, Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg Children’s Hospital, South Africa (clinical practice, paediatric MDR-TB, surveillance)
Catharina van Weezenbeek, WHO Regional Office for the Western Pacific, Philippines
Irina Vasilyeva, Central TB Research Institute of RAMS, Russian Federation (research, clinical practice)
Wang Xie Xiu, Tianjin Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, China (surveillance)
Richard Zaleskis, WHO Regional Office for Europe, Denmark.

Evidence review teams

Chunling Lu, Carole D. Mitnick, Harvard Medical School, Boston MA, and Richard A. White, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston MA, United States of America.

Gail Kennedy, George Rutherford, Karen Steingart, University of California (San Francisco), California, United States of America.

Matthew Arentz, David Horne, Patricia Pavlinac, Judd L. Walson, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington WA, United States of America.

Melissa Bauer, Richard (Dick) Menzies, Olivia Oxlade, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Consultant: Patricia Whyte, Griffith University, Queensland, Australia (guideline development).

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