7.1 Eligibility

Adults with extrapulmonary TB are eligible for the 6-month 2HRZE/4HR regimen, except for those with TB of the central nervous system, bone or joint, for which some expert groups suggest longer therapy (i.e. 9–12 months).

Children aged between 3 months and 16 years with extrapulmonary TB limited to peripheral lymph nodes (i.e. without involvement of other sites of disease) should be treated with the 4-month regimen (2HRZ(E)/2HR).

In children and adolescents with tuberculous meningitis, two alternative regimens can be used: a 12-month regimen (strong recommendation) and a 6-month regimen described below (conditionally recommended). The 6-month tuberculous meningitis regimen is not currently recommended for use in CALHIV.

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