Treatment of DS-TB using the 6-month regimen

  1. New patients with pulmonary TB should receive a regimen containing 6 months of rifampicin: 2HRZE/4HR(Strong recommendation, high certainty of evidence)
  2. Wherever feasible, the optimal dosing frequency for new patients with pulmonary TB is daily throughout the course of therapy. (Strong recommendation, high certainty of evidence)
  3. In all patients with pulmonary DS-TB, the use of thrice-weekly dosing is not recommended in either the intensive or the continuation phases of therapy, and daily dosing remains the recommended dosing frequency(Conditional recommendation, very low certainty of evidence)
  4. The use of fixed-dose combination (FDC) tablets is recommended over separate drug formulations in the treatment of patients with DS-TB(Conditional recommendation, low certainty of evidence)
  5. In new pulmonary TB patients treated with the regimen containing rifampicin throughout treatment, if a positive sputum smear is found at completion of the intensive phase, the extension of the intensive phase is not recommended. (Strong recommendation, high certainty of evidence)

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