2.2.2 Implementation considerations

Due to the inherent lack of access to health care that defines the risk groups described in this recommendation, screening interventions would need to be conducted in and extended into the communities where members of these populations live and work in order to achieve effective reach and coverage.

The list of potential populations affected by structural risk factors included in this recommendation is not exhaustive, and this recommendation may apply to other groups with a high risk of TB and who have poor access to health care, including poor access to high-quality TB services.

There is no evidence about the effectiveness of different screening intervals; in the absence of such evidence, the choice of screening interval should be guided by feasibility. To the extent possible, community screening should be combined with screening for other diseases or risk factors and with health-promotion or social support activities. When screening is done in refugee camps and among displaced populations, consult Tuberculosis care and control in refugee and displaced populations (18) for recommendations on TB management and operational considerations.

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