4.3.1 Children

Children were excluded from the Nix-TB, ZeNix (0–13 years) and TB-PRACTECAL (0–14 years) studies; therefore, no analysis specific to this subgroup of patients could have been performed. Although bedaquiline, linezolid and fluoroquinolones have been used to treat MDR/RR-TB in children, there are no data about the use of pretomanid in children, and further study is required to expand the use of BPaLM/BPaL to children. It is recommended that children aged below 14 years with pulmonary MDR/RR-TB be given consideration for the 9-month treatment regimen. Individuals aged 14 years and older were included in all the Nix-TB, ZeNix and TB-PRACTECAL trials and can safely be started on the BPaLM/BPaL regimen.

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