4. Target audience

The WHO consolidated guidelines on tuberculosis: tuberculosis preventive treatment provides a comprehensive set of recommendations for PMTPT geared towards the implementers of the WHO End TB Strategy and also for countries intent upon TB elimination (9). The guidelines are to be used primarily in national TB and HIV and maternal and child programmes or their equivalents in ministries of health and for other policy-makers working on TB, HIV, infectious diseases and maternal and child health. They are also appropriate for staff of ministries of justice, correctional services and other government agencies which deliver healthcare, including prison services, social services and immigration. The guidelines are also intended for clinicians in the public or the private sectors working on TB, HIV, infectious diseases, prevention, child health and noncommunicable diseases such as chronic kidney disease and cancer. The persons directly affected by the guidelines are risk groups for whom TB preventive treatment is recommended.

 Population, Intervention,Comparator and Outcome. The three PICOs in the current update were renumbered to position them within the sequence of questions covered by the 2018 guidelines update (16). See Annex 2 for a complete listing of PICOs and evidence summaries made for both the 2018 and the current (2019) updates.

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