This operational handbook was prepared by Fuad Mirzayev, Linh Nguyen, Medea Gegia and Kerri Viney under the overall direction of Matteo Zignol and Tereza Kasaeva. Contributions and inputs were also provided by Dennis Falzon, Ernesto Jaramillo, Alexei Korobitsyn, Annemieke Brands, Sabine Verkuijl and Annabel Baddeley at the WHO Global TB Programme. 

The WHO Global TB Programme gratefully acknowledges the contributions of all experts and reviewers who were involved in the production of the operational handbook. The external review group was composed of Vineet Bhatia (WHO SEARO, India), Charles Daley (National Jewish Health, USA), Christopher Gilpin (IOM, Switzerland), Rafael Laniado Laborin (National TB Programme, Mexico), Ben Marais (The University of Sydney School of Medicine, Australia), YaDiul Mukadi (USAID, USA), Mamel Quelapio (KNCV, The Philippines), Maria Rodriguez (National TB programme, Dominican Republic), Sarabjit Singh Chadha (FIND, India), Fraser Wares (KNCV, The Netherlands) and Askar Yedilbayev (WHO EURO, Denmark). 

The following individuals and organizations have contributed to the review of the handbook by responding to public call for comments to the draft Chapter 5 of the Companion Handbook to the WHO Guidelines on Management of Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis in July 2019: Jay Achar (MSF, Belgium), Muhammad Asif (technical adviser to National TB Programme, Myanmar), Draurio Barreira Cravo Neto (Unitaid, Switzerland), Vineet Bhatia (WHO SEARO, India), Yuliya Chorna (TB Europe Coalition, Ukraine), Kelly Dooley (Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA), Magdy Fawzy (National TB Programme, Egypt), Abdul Ghafoor (National TB Programme, Pakistan), Elmira Gurbanova (Lung Clinic, University of Tartu, Estonia), Edwin H. Herrera Flores (Peruvian Society of Pneumology, Peru), Domingo Juan Palmero (Hospital F.J. Muniz, Argentina), Gary Maartens (University of Cape Town, South Africa), Lawrence Mbuagbaw (St Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, Canada), Ignacio MonederoRecuero (The Union, France), Ernesto Montoro (WHO AMRO, USA), Suneetha Narreddy (Apolo Hospitals, India), Alberto Piubello (The Union, Niger), Maria Rodriguez (National TB Programme, Dominican Republic), Alena Skrahina (National TB Programme, Belarus), Shenjie Tang (Beijing Chest Hospital, China), Hoang Thanh Thuy (National TB Programme, Viet Nam), Ye Tun (Thingankyun General Hospital, Myanmar), Francis Varaine (MSF, France), Interactive Research and Development (Pakistan), KNCV (The Netherlands), Partners In Health (USA), The Sentinel Project, Treatment Action Group (USA) and USAID (USA). 

The design and layout of this operational handbook was made possible by funding provided by USAID and Unitaid.


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