1.7. Research priorities

Research priorities are as follows:

  • specificity of Diaskintest and C-TST in populations with a low prevalence of TB infection, and direct head-to-head comparisons of all three TBST;
  • assessing the barriers for implementation and patient access; 
  • additional accuracy studies on high-risk groups: children aged under 5 years, children (aged 5–10 years) and adolescents (aged 10–18 years), People with HIV, prisoners and migrants;
  • studies evaluating the epidemiologic and economic impact of TBST use in the TB infection diagnosis and TPT cascade;
  • longitudinal studies to assess the predictive value for active TB compared with current tests;
  • economic studies (e.g. cost and cost–effectiveness of TBSTs under different scenarios); and 
  • studies evaluating the use of digital tools for reading of results, to avoid return patient visits. 

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