2.7.2 Implementation considerations

This recommendation concerns interventions that should be undertaken in addition to passive casefinding practices, namely properly triaging and evaluating people seeking care who report signs or symptoms of TB, which should be done in all settings and is particularly important to implement rigorously among people who have risk factors for TB.

Groups should be prioritized based on their risk of TB, the risk of poor treatment outcomes if diagnosis is delayed and the size of the risk group in a given setting. People who are living with HIV, people who have had recent close contact with a person who has TB and people who have silicosis should always be screened for TB as described above (Recommendations 3, 4 and 6). Other risk factors that indicate an individual should be considered for screening are listed in Table 2.

For several of the clinical risk factors indicated above, TPT may be beneficial for the patient, subject to their exposure and eligibility (20).

Health care workers are a specific group that merits consideration for screening in health facilities, given the potentially high level of occupational exposure and the risk of further transmission to patients.

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