Stakeholder engagement

The NTP could consider conducting stakeholder consultations (including relevant programmes such as maternal and child health, HIV and nutrition, national paediatric associations, other professional bodies and the national regulatory authority) to identify opportunities and strategies for decentralization and integration of services and to address health system challenges that might hamper implementation. This could be done through an existing child and adolescent TB technical working group or another relevant platform.

Such stakeholder consultations could also be convened as part of wider efforts to build and strengthen multi-sectoral engagement, actions and accountability to accelerate progress to end TB (162–164). As an example, to achieve universal access to child-friendly formulations, multisectoral engagement, actions and accountability are needed, including to establish supportive legal and regulatory mechanisms; encourage manufacturers to register products in countries or to include TB indications for repurposed medicines; update national guidelines and build capacity among HCWs and to establish effective procurement and supply chain mechanisms.

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