8.2.2 Infectious spills (contained within a biological safety cabinet)

When a spill of infectious material occurs within a BSC, a clean-up procedure should begin immediately, and the cabinet should continue to operate.

1. Place absorbent tissue over the spill area, and apply disinfectant solution liberally.

2. If the walls of the BSC have been splashed, clean with a layer of absorbent paper towel liberally soaked in disinfectant solution.

3. Leave affected areas covered with disinfectant for 30 minutes to 1 hour.

4. Carefully collect contaminated sharps material, and place in a puncture-resistant container for disposal.

5. Any equipment or reusable material (for example, centrifuge buckets) that has been splashed should be cleaned with the same disinfectant.

6. Electrical equipment should be checked carefully before it is used; check the integrity of circuit breakers and earth-fault interrupters.

7. Collect other contaminated material in a sealed bag for appropriate disposal.

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